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Scott Kleymann Backyard Abundance Project 9/29/2011 In my garden proposal, I would like to take over the space on the southwest side of Cherry Auditorium and Peterson Hall. Currently, this space only has two trees (which I have included in my design) and is mostly patchy grass with dirt. If you happen to consider my plan, I would completely re-do the area, making it much more beautiful as well as adding functionality to an unusable area. So, I devised a plan to make the area more beautiful and much more functional. My main idea was to make the area self-dependent, or a garden needing no work from students or groundskeepers. This way it would save time as well as money because we would not have to pay anyone to take care of it. However, it would also have the third benefit of providing fruits and vegetables to the college. This would probably be the most important aspect of the garden because it promotes the idea of growing foods to other Coe students on campus. In my plan for the garden, I have chosen to plant Lettuce because it also does well in the shade, and beans because they effectively fuel the soil with nitrogen. In the section towards the right, I have planted raspberries next to the bushes that were already there, and have a prairie grass strip next to the sidewalk. The main reason for this is because prairie grass is an excellent tool to prevent against erosion. So by planting it along the sidewalk, I am keeping water from running across the sidewalk and keeping all the dirt inside the area I have sectioned off for the garden. Finally, to cap things off, I have created a few stepping stones for a garden walk, and a bench to sit on and enjoy the area. This way students can make use of the plot and do homework or take in the scenery if they wish. Overall, I believe this investment is worth about $400 (the main expenses being the plum tree and bench). However, in the long run, I consider this to be well worth it because of the fact that it is sel

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