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Backyard Abundance Plant Sale

Saturday, April 30, 2011
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Robert A. Lee Community Recreation Center | directions

Get a jump on your spring plant shopping at the Backyard Abundance plant sale. Your purchases help host free yard tours and presentations in our community throughout the season.


Many herbs and vegetables are heirlooms and were organically grown by volunteers. All fruits and nuts were sourced as locally as possible and were carefully chosen to maximize yield and thrive in the Midwest.

View the tree, shrub, and berry species list (pdf)

Fruits and Nuts Herbs Vegetables
Apple Basil Tomato
Sweet Cherry Oregano Pepper
Pear Thyme Kale
Blueberry Sage Broccoli
Plum Hyssop Cauliflower
Peach Mint Cabbage
Raspberry Fennel Eggplant
Strawberry Chives Lettuce
Chestnut Sorrel Onion
Aronia Lemon Balm Kohlrabi
Hazelnut Bee Balm Sunchoke

Silent Auction

Great deals can be found on nearly 100 silent auction items:

  • New Pioneer Food Co-op basket of delicious chocolate treats, wine, and coffeeAuction basket
  • Orchid basket filled with locally-grown orchids from Joan and Jon Lorence
  • One-hour massage from Doreen McNeal (ahhhh...)
  • Basket of local honey
  • Nature Explore basket of items to help children connect with nature
  • Books: Grace from the Garden, A Sand County Almanac, Slow Food in the Heartland
  • Children's garden toolset
  • Handmade wooden barn
  • Basket of locally grown smudge sticks, candles, and a sacred stone.
  • Child's wheel barrow and boots from Pleasant ValleyChild's Wheel Barrow and Boots
  • Handmade cloth bags from reclaimed materials (indestructible: best grocery bags ever)
  • Two bags of plant potting mix from Beautiful Land Products.
  • Basket with local jams, a handmade scarf, and a Local Foods Connection cookbook
  • Johnson County Heritage Trust basket of nature identification cards, t-shirt, pen, and paper
  • Seed Savers basket of seeds, suet bird feeder, and suet
  • Black currant shrub from Earl May
  • Grape vine from Forever Green

Locally-Made Garden Tools

South Amana Blacksmith will feature locally-made garden tools.

  • Broadforks (large pitch forks for loosening soil)
  • Garden line and reel
  • Garden snakes
  • Fire pit pokers
  • S hooks and nail hooks
  • Boot scrapers

Mushroom Kits

Mushroom Mills will have kits for sale and lots of expert advice.

  • Plug spawn for inoculating logs
  • Bag spawn for inoculating garden beds
  • Logs inoculated with yummy mushrooms

Many Other Interests

We work hard to keep materials, services, and knowledge a local as possible.

  • Seed swap: Bring your seeds and take home some seeds. Sponsored by Iowa City Slow Food.
  • Snack food: Homemade garden-based goodness. Yum.
  • Urban chickens: Learn about the benefits of chicken keeping.
  • Green thumbs: Got gardening questions? Some of the most knowledgeable people in the community will be on hand to answer them.
  • Build a Cold Frame: At 1:00 pm, learn how to build a cold frame from re-used materials.

Thank You

Special thanks to the many volunteers who have cultivated plants and coordinated the event.

Thanks to the Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department for their sponsorship and promotion.

Thank you to the following companies for current and past seed donations:

Thank you, Iowa City Landscaping and Earl May Nursery for current and past generous donation of materials to this event.

Thank you, New Pioneer Food Co-op for current and past donations.

IC Landscaping   Earl May   New PioneerSow Tree Seed

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