Grow Free Food

Chilld Picking TomatoesLet’s create a community of free food!

Do you have a small space in your front landscape that is just growing turfgrass? Establish one or more edible plants near the sidewalk to benefit you and your neighbors. Yields are free to harvest by anyone.


The following plants are easy to grow, fit in a small space and are easy to harvest.

Tomatoes along a sidewalkAnnuals

  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Runner Bean
  • Snap pea
  • Basil (goes great with tomatoes)
  • Nasturtium (edible flowers)


  • Bush cherry (pretty!)
  • Tomatoes with "Pick Me" signGooseberry (thorny!)
  • Currant (white and red are best)
  • Jostaberry (a cross between black currant and gooseberry)


  • Put up a small trellis to hold beans and peas.
  • After plants are established, mulch them with straw or woodchips to reduce watering and weeding.
  • Surround the bed with marigolds or edible nasturtiums to make it pretty and buffer it from passing dogs.


Pick Me SignPlace a Pick Me! sign in the bed to encourage foraging.

  • If desired, write the name of the edible and its harvest period on the sign.
  • Signs are available with and without Backyard Abundance branding.
  • Put the sign in a sandwich bag or laminate it to protect it from the elements.


Promote the idea of free food by taking pictures of your edible oasis and posting them on social media websites.

Pictures can also be sent to us at for posting on our Facebook page.