Fruits and Nuts

Perennial edible landscaping plants return year after year with little maintenance. Much of our current gardening and farming practices use annual plants, which are often much higher in maintenance since they must be replanted each year and have shallower roots.

These resources will help you understand how to keep your perennial fruits, nuts, herbs and vegetables thriving.

Featured Publications Created by Backyard Abundance

Good Neighbor Garden Designs Good Neighbor Garden Designs
Landscape designs that integrate beauty, food, habitat, education and community.
Edible Agroforestry Design Templates Edible Agroforestry Design Templates
Design templates of edible agroforestry practices to aid growers with the design, implementation, and management of environmentally-beneficial ecosystems that support personal income and community needs.
Edible Landscaping Plans Edible Landscaping Plans
Design examples showing small patches of self-supporting edibles arranged in high-yielding polycultures.

Plant Research

Plants for a Future - Excellent database of multifunctional plants.
Dave's Garden Plant Files - Find plant descriptions and vendors.
Stepables - Great resource for researching and purchasing ground covers.


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Fruits and Nuts for Edible Landscaping (excellent list of harvestig times)
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Apple Pollinator Chart
Agroforestry Practices Training Manual - University of Missouri
Native Plant Communities of the Midwest
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Growing Strawberries

Growing Crops in Shade

Woodland Medicinal Plants - Natural Farmer
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Growing Goldenseal Commercially - North Carolina State University
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Growing Ginseng - ISU Extension
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Streamside Crops

Land and Stream Management - DNR
Stewards of Our Streams - PM1626A
Conservation Buffers - USDA
Plants for Riparian Buffers - USDA
Planning Your Riparian Buffer - University of Nebraska

Edible Windbreaks

Farmstead Windbreaks - Planning - PM1716
Farmstead Windbreaks - Establishment - PM1717
Windbreaks for Fruit and Vegetable Crops - EC1779
Crops from Snow Fences - BU07646
Buffer Noise - Agroforestry Notes
Windbreak Density - Agroforestry Notes
Recommended Windbreak Trees - Trees Forever

Integrating Animals

Animal Tractor Systems

Alley Cropping

Alley Crop Design - Agroforestry Notes
Alley Crop Design - Inside Agroforestry