We offer ecological landscape design services for residences, businesses, churches, schools, daycares, parks, acreages and neighborhoods. Our experienced designers excel at creating vibrant, engaging outdoor spaces that benefit people and our environment.

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Design Packages

All packages can be customized to meet your budget and goals.

Consultation Abundance of Ideas
Receive expert gardening advice and learn about the vast potential within your landscape. Remote consultations are available.
Garden Bed Eco-Garden Bed
Create a self-maintaining garden bed that mimics the properties of a healthy ecosystem.
Concept Design Concept Design
Integrate all elements of your landscape together into a harmonious layout that sets a foundation for desired plants and activities.
Ecological Yard Complete Master Plan
Create a detailed planting plan for your entire landscape or portions of it.
Landscape Design Group Visioning
Bring together your neighborhood, congregation, or employees to brainstorm possibilities and explore designs for a shared landscape.

What You Receive

All packages provide:

  • Recommendations for plant varieties that thrive in our climate.
  • Ideas for growing a wide variety of plants in low-maintenance ways.
  • Guidelines for establishment and management.
  • Locations to purchase plants and acquire inexpensive materials.
  • Informational publications.


One-on-one education is the true value we provide with each consultation. In addition to an abundance of ecological design ideas, we are passionate about helping you understand the nature of your landscape and how each plant and feature can benefit you and our environment.

During the entire process, we are very open about our inspiration and research, sharing every bit of knowledge that is useful. This is an educational endeavor as much as it is a design process and we want you to come away feeling more knowledgeable, confident and inspired.


All designs focus on the elegant integration of desired elements throughout the landscape. A highly integrated landscape provides more value to you and is better able to care for itself.


Pear Tree Edible landscaping is our passion. A beautiful front yard bursting with edibles may help you meet and inspire neighbors over shared foraging. A nature-inspired edible forest garden could provide bushels of fruit, nuts, herbs, and medicine for your family while benefiting wildlife and building soil.

Habitat National Wildlife Federation Certified Landscaping Professional

Enrich your life with the joy of birdsong, the beauty of butterflies, and the hum of pollinators by creating an oasis for desired wildlife. A landscape teeming with pollinators and birds can help manage pests and increase food yields.

As a Certified Wildlife Landscaping Professional for the National Wildlife Federation, we can help you gain and proudly display their Certified Wildlife Habitat designation.

Water Management

Rain Barrel We can help you manage rainfall to decrease manual watering, enhance plant growth, control erosion and fix wet areas. Water management features can add beauty and habitat to your landscape by integrating properly-sized rain gardens, swales and rain barrels in appropriate locations. Accurate dimensions and specific plants can be provided for rain garden implementation.


Children Following safety guidelines and researched playscape design principles, we can help you create a fun and vibrant environment that immerses your children in an ecologically healthy playspace. Areas that encourage building, art, music and movement will engage your children in creative play and help them establish a long-term bond with the natural world.

Environmentally-healthy landscapes deepen learning. Research shows that children who spend time in natural areas are healthy, perform well in school, and have few behavioral problems. We use our expertise in ecological design to create beautiful, diverse, interconnected ecosystems that immerse children in endlessly engaging experiences.

Your Budget

We keep costs low and stay within your budget by...

  • Using existing and inexpensive materials.
  • Working with the natural characteristics of your landscape.
  • Creatively using plants—rather than hardscape—to define outdoor spaces.
  • Mimicking the properties of self-maintaining ecosystems to reduce mowing and other upkeep.

Assistance Over Time

We can help you over time, gradually refining and assisting with your design and implementation success.

For example…

  • You could begin with an Abundance of Ideas consultation to learn about the vast possibilities.
  • Afer considering the possibilities, we could return for a follow-up visit and create a Concept Design for your entire landscape.
  • Once you decide which areas have the highest priorities, we could provide an Eco-Garden Bed design or Complete Master Plan for those areas.

We will happily customize our services to help you gain confidence and learn at a comfortable pace.