Complete Master Plan

Ecological LandscapeImagine a colorful landscape buzzing with life that reflects your desire to increase the health of our local environment. Our experienced ecological landscape designers can help you design all or part of your landscape so it functions like a healthy ecosystem and works in harmony with your home and the surrounding environment.

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  • Increase landscape curb appeal, enjoyment and usefulness to your family.
  • Maximize the potential for growing food, attracting birds and butterflies, conserving home energy, or managing rain water.
  • Decrease mowing and other maintenance chores by creating a landscape that cares for itself.


We will visit your landscape two or more times, depending upon the size of the space and the desired level of detail.

Initial Visit

  • An ecological designer visits you at your landscape for 30-60 minutes.
  • The designer walks your landscape with you to gain a general understanding of your goals, ideas and budget.
  • Shortly after the initial visit, the designer sends you a proposal and cost estimate that defines the details and scope of the design.
  • Once the proposal and estimate are agreed upon, another visit is scheduled to thoroughly understand your vision and landscape.

Follow Up Visits

  • Concept designs or preliminary designs for all areas will be shared and refined during follow up visits. Each visit lasts approximately 2 hours.
  • A detailed master plan showing the exact location of all plant species will be reviewed.
  • An implementation plan showing how to create all areas will be provided.


  • Measurements are taken for a detailed base map.
  • Specific plant varieties are researched and selected based upon your goals and preferences.
  • Plants are researched and placed to create harmonious, beautiful and self-supporting groupings.

Complete Landscape Design

What You Receive

  • Depending upon your needs, we can provide high-level recommendations or a fully designed landscape that emulates design patterns found in nature.
  • Advice, publications, and web resources will help you learn about growing food—vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts, and berries—or attracting beneficial wildlife—birds, butterflies, and bees.
  • Detailed plant lists and their characteristics.
  • An implementation plan showing how to create beds and when to plant each species.


$600 - $4500 depending upon the size and characteristics of the landscape and the desired level of design detail. A quote for the price will be provided after the initial visit.

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