Complete Children’s Playscape

PlayscapeResearch shows that children who have a bond with nature are healthy, perform well in school, and have few behavioral problems. Following safety guidelines and researched outdoor playscape design principles, our experienced designers will help you create a fun and vibrant environment that immerses your children in an ecologically healthy playspace.

Environmentally-healthy landscapes deepen learning. We use our expertise in ecological design to create beautiful, diverse, interconnected ecosystems that immerse children in endlessly engaging experiences.

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Playscapes Designed by Backyard Abundance

Options and Benefits

  • Increase the skills and wellness of your children.
  • Create gardens that help your children learn about growing food and supporting wildlife.
  • Implement building, art, music, and movement features that engage your children in creative play.
  • Help your children establish a long-term bond with the natural world through immersion in an ecologically healthy space.


We will visit your landscape two or more times, depending upon the size of the space and the desired level of detail.

Initial Visit

  • We will walk your landscape with you and your children to gain a careful understanding of your short and long-term desires.
  • An estimate and proposal will be provided to define the details and scope of the design.


  • Measurements will be taken for a detailed base map.
  • Areas will be designed to facilitate created play.
  • Specific plant varieties will be researched and selected based upon your goals and preferences.
  • Plants will be researched and placed to create harmonious, beautiful and self-supporting groupings.

Follow Up Visits

  • Concept designs or preliminary designs for all areas will be shared and refined during follow up visits.
  • A detailed master plan showing the exact location of all plant species will be reviewed.
  • An implementation plan showing how to create all beds will be provided.

What You Receive

  • Playscape DesignDepending upon your needs, we can provide high-level recommendations or a fully designed landscape that increases your children's wellness and mimics design patterns found in nature.
  • Advice, publications, and web resources will help you and your children learn about growing food—vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts, and berries—or attracting beneficial wildlife—birds, butterflies, and bees.
  • Detailed plant lists and their characteristics.
  • An implementation plan showing how to create each area and when to plant each species


Starts at $600