Concept Design

SageSometimes a framework is the only thing needed to guide decisions and move in a desired direction.

A concept design defines all the features and functions of your landscape at a high level. It shows the relationships between areas, pathways to them, and major features, such as a hedgerow, shed, or firepit. Detailed design work is left for later and can be done on a patch-by-patch basis, filling in specifics such as plant species, exact path locations and dimensions of spaces.

This package may be attractive if you are an experienced gardener and can start designing plantings for beds once an overall layout is complete.


  • Understand the potential of your landscape with a thorough inventory and analysis.
  • Explore several configurations for the placement of features.
  • Gain more clarity into the priority of areas, how they are used, and when they might be implemented.
  • Confidently move forward with the establishment of portions of the landscape.


We will visit your landscape twice: once to gather information and a second time to review and refine 2-4 initial concept designs.

Initial Visit

  • We will walk your landscape listening carefully to your goals, ideas, and budget.
  • An inventory of the landscape will be created that identifies major features, travel patterns, water flows, and sunlight exposure.
  • Desired areas, uses, and major features will be noted.


  • Up to 4 initial concept designs will be created defining the desired areas and pathways between them.
  • Each layout will likely emphasize a different feature or travel pattern.

Design ConceptFollow Up Visit

  • The initial concept designs will be reviewed by moving through the landscape and "walking the design."
  • Preferred elements from the concepts will be noted and an additional concept will likely be sketched showing preferences.
  • The sketch will then be refined 1-2 times until it meets your expectations.

What You Receive

  • A rough base map of your landscape created from an aerial photo.
  • A thorough inventory and analysis of your landscape.
  • Two to four concept designs with a final one that unifies all preferences.
  • An understanding of where major features, areas, and large plants will be located.
  • General recommendations for plants in each area.
  • General recommendations for how to prioritize and implement each area along with an estimated implementation cost.
  • If desired, we can provide a price estimate for a Complete Master Plan for one or more areas of the design.


$400 - $950 depending upon the size and characteristics of the landscape. A quote for the price will be provided before the initial visit.

Within 6 months of the visit, you can upgrade to a Complete Master Plan and the price of this consultation will be credited toward this comprehensive service.

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