Garden HelpIf you are interested in making your landscape a canvas for learning, we will happily assist with one or more educational events on your property.

Group Learning

You and participants gain hands-on learning opportunities through the transformation of your landscape.

We will help publicize the implementation event, help you understand how to organize materials, determine roles for each participant, and oversee the implementation. You would provide all materials, snacks and drinks, and a comfortable working environment.

Most classes involve 5-25 participants that attend for 2-4 hours.

Individual Learning

One-on-one learning sessions are oftentimes the most efficient and effective way to implement a design.

We can help you lay out your garden design, find the best local and online sources for plants, and demonstrate how to properly establish initial plantings. You choose the level and type of educational assistance desired.


$60 - $500

The price varies greatly depending upon the type and scope of the implementation. Please let us know if this option is of interest and we will provide an estimate.

Members of Backyard Abundance can receive one implementation oversight for free. Learn more about becoming a Backyard Abundance member.

Skill Share

If you prefer to organize and coordinate a hands-on educational event to implement areas of your landscape, Skill Shares may be a good option to rally people together. Skill Sharing unleashes the creativity in our community by bringing us together to observe experiences, see what works, and try things ourselves.

Learn more about Skill Shares

Direct Implementation Assistance

As an educational nonprofit, Backyard Abundance does not directly implement landscapes outside the context of education. For direct implementation assistance from an experienced landscaper, we can recommend knowledgeable green thumbs in our community.