PresentationWould you like members of your business, neighborhood, class or organization to have a better understanding of how they can beautify and improve the health of our local environment?

Our engaging and positive presentations help attendees learn about the natural world and inspire them to take small-to-large steps for beneficial change. Thought-provoking, experiential activities are woven throughout to leave a memorable impression.


Every presentation can be customized to meet your budget and needs. Popular presentations include...

  • Film screenings with follow up discussions
  • Tours of ecologically-beneficial landscapes
  • Understanding the benefits of ecological landscapes
  • Growing food in low-maintenance ways
  • Envisioning a local food system
  • Gardening with nature
  • Improving water quality
  • Understanding food forests
  • Creating a pubic food forest
  • Understanding permaculture and ecological design
  • Gardening in small spaces
  • Motivating change in a group or community
  • Garden projects that improve children's skills

Handouts and Publicity

Included with the presentation are promotional text, posters and relevant educational handouts.


Presentations typically last 1-4 hours and can take place inside or outside. We fully customize the presentation to meet the needs of an audience of any size.

Next Step

Contact us to schedule a date for a presentation that is customized to meet your budget and goals.