Curbside Plant Sales

Purchase vegetables, herbs, berry bushes and pollinator-friendly flowers from local growers.

Happy plants: 100% local, 100% organic.

Due the pandemic, our edible plant sale fundraiser has been cancelled to avoid crowds.

We want local growers to thrive so Backyard Abundance is helping them sell plants safely from the yards of their residential homes.

To purchase local, organic plants directly from growers...

  1. View their plant inventory.

  2. Schedule a shopping time. Only one person will shop at a time.

  3. Browse and purchase plants from in front of their home.

  4. Pay according to growers' directions, which are posted in the shopping time schedules. 

Safe Shopping

  • Please bring one or more boxes for your plants. Growers will not handle your boxes.

  • If the grower accepts cash, please bring exact amounts so making change is unnecessary. 

  • Stay 6+ feet away from growers.

  • Consider wearing a mask.


Consider donating to Backyard Abundance to help us continue supporting local growers.

Backyard Abundance

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