About Us

Backyard Abundance is a leading educational nonprofit residing in Johnson County, Iowa.

We help people create beautiful, environmentally-beneficial landscapes that provide healthy food and habitat.

Since 2006, we have directly reached thousands of people through fun classes, landscape tours and design consultations.


We envision the growth of resilient communities that meet everyone’s basic needs of survival today and in the future.

Landscapes grow healthy food and natural materials to nourish our bodies and support our local economy. The land supports healthy ecosystems by providing habitat, creating clean water and emulating nature's resiliency.


This community focus creates a healthy social fabric, ecological integrity and a spirit of abundance for all.


Most everyone feels a desire to improve the health of our environment, but when faced with our monumental environmental problems the task seems too large and understanding how to proceed can feel overwhelming.


In recognition of this frustration, Backyard Abundance was founded to provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to directly improve the health of our local environment.


No other Iowa organization teaches residents how to take small steps that transform the outdoors into spaces that demonstrate our ability to live in harmony with nature.


Deep and lasting satisfaction comes from the daily observation of personally-made environmental improvements. This personal connection with a landscape evokes a strong desire to share actions and knowledge, quickly spreading our mission in a positive, grassroots way.