Large or small, your donations help support free and low-cost environmental education.


All donations are tax-deductible. We will send a confirmation letter for your tax records.

No other Iowa organization teaches residents how to take small steps that transform the outdoors into spaces that demonstrate our ability to live in harmony with nature.

If you find joy and value in what we do, please consider donating to help foster vibrant, climate-friendly landscapes that grow…

  • Wellness for residents

  • Habitat for pollinators, birds and butterflies

  • Free, healthy food for all

Your generosity enables us to…

  • $5: Establish a pollinator plant in a public garden that supports buzzing and fluttering friends.

  • $10: Purchase local, yummy snacks for an event.

  • $25: Plant several tomatoes, cabbages or cucumbers in a public garden to feed residents for a growing season.

  • $75: Plant a public fruit tree to feed a community for years.

  • $100: Conduct a free, hands-on public class.

  • $500: Publish an educational video that inspires thousands.

  • $1000: Support education and management at a public garden for a year.

Please also consider making a monthly donation through a simple, automatic monthly withdrawal. Download, complete and mail us the Bank Account Debit Form or set up withdrawals in PayPal.

Visit PayPal to make your secure, online donation.

Mail Donation

You can also mail your donation.


Complete our Donation Form and mail it to:

  Backyard Abundance

  P.O. Box 1605

  Iowa City, IA 52244