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Tours and Neighborhood Walks

Meet neighbors who have consciously designed their landscape to benefit themselves and our environment.


Tours allow you to immerse yourself in resilient landscapes and meet like-minded people.

Visitor Benefits

  • Get landscaping ideas

  • Chat with others at all levels of gardening experience

  • Learn about the possibilities for improving environmental health

  • Take home informational publications

  • Enjoy yummy snacks and good company

Features Often Seen

  • Vegetable and herb gardens

  • Fruit and nut-bearing trees and shrubs

  • Native prairie gardens

  • Butterfly gardens

  • Bird-attracting shrubs and trees

  • Composting systems

  • Ponds

  • Rain gardens and rain barrels

  • Turfgrass alternatives

We strive to keep all tours free. This is accomplished through:

  • Wonderful volunteers

  • Generous donations

  • Purchased services

Would You Like to Host a Tour?
We are always seeking pioneering residents who have made small to large ecological improvements in their yards. If you would you like to inspire others with your ideas and resourcefulness, we strive to make it easy to share your yard with the community. Contact us if you are interested in hosting a tour and we will schedule a time for a visit.

You can choose a date and time when your landscape is at its peak. With your direction, we will take pictures of the environmentally-friendly features in your yard for promotion and education.

Our goal is to make the event as easy for you as possible. Below is a description of how things went at past events. All or some of these procedures can be replicated for your event—just let us know how you would like your event to be tailored.

  • We provide cups and napkins along with cold lemonade and water in large coolers.

  • You provide whatever snacks you like; e.g., cookies, veggies, crackers, etc. At past events New Pioneer Food Co-Op has provided gift cards for event hosts to help with the cost of refreshments.

  • We arrive about an hour before the start of the event to help set up.

  • We provide a name badge for you so visitors with questions can easily find you.

  • A Backyard Abundance yard sign is placed in the front yard to help visitors find your home.

  • Informational signs are placed in front of environmentally friendly features.

  • A table with a sign-in sheet and information related to the event is set up in the front yard.

  • We greet visitors and give them a quick description of your landscape.

  • We invite Master Gardeners and other knowledgeable individuals to help answer questions.


Contact us with questions or to schedule a tour.

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