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Volunteers are invaluable to ensuring our presentations, classes and events are fun and top-notch.


You will learn valuable skills while creating an abundant community.

Look over this list of possible roles you could play at Backyard Abundance. If none of them seem to fit, contact us and we will find you a good niche.

Cooking Demonstrators
Do you enjoy preparing garden-based snacks or lunches? Encourage the local-slow-organic-happy food movement by demonstrating your cooking prowess at events.


Time: Weekends for 1-2 hours, 4-10 times per year.

Snack Makers
Do you love making and sharing yummy goodness? Snacks are needed at many events and your contribution would be greatly welcomed.


Time: Weekends, whatever time you have to make snacks.

Website Updaters
Help our community stay updated on the latest gardening news and events. Moderate computer skills are needed to update the online calendar, create online media, create event emails, and update the website.


Time: Throughout the month, 1-6 hours per month.

Graphic Designers
Use your graphic design skills to attract more folks to the goodness of ecological gardening. Help is needed creating online media, shiny posters, and educational handouts.


Time: Throughout the month, 1-6 hours per month.

Garden Implementor
If you like dirt under your fingernails, then you can help us prepare and plant educational garden beds.


Time: 1-3 hours per month.

An easy way to spread the news about ecological gardening and living is by hosting a table at community events. You would set up the table, tell people about the mission of Backyard Abundance and our upcoming events, let people take handouts and other goodies, and then clean up afterward.


Time: Once per month for 2-4 hours.

Social Media Guru
Do you love finding and reading online media about gardening and ecological design? Become a Backyard Abundance social media guru and post your juicy finds on our Twitter feed and Facebook page.


Time: A daily post is preferable, but posts can be done when you have time.

Picture Poster
Are you doing wonderful things in your own landscape? No matter how small the change or activity, sharing your pictures and stories is the most effective way to inspire others to change their landscaping paradigm.

Share your pictures and stories with the community on our Facebook page.

Point your friends and family to the Backyard Abundance website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and calendar of events. Sometimes a gentle “look at this cool stuff” message is all that is needed to point folks in a more abundant direction.

Please let us know if you are or know of a student looking for internship opportunities. Many of the volunteer ideas above may easily translate into an internship with Backyard Abundance.




Contact us with questions or to volunteer.

Stay in touch by receiving emails about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

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