Community Gardens

Backyard Abundance and Iowa City Parks and Recreation invite public collaboration in designing beautiful, resilient, community gardens that enhance our parks.

Three parks. Three community gardens. Lots of celebrating.

Without community, it's just a garden.


Design Gatherings

Three to five visioning gatherings were held for each garden through May 2018. The excellent ideas provided by residents and community gardeners drove the designs.

Gatherings focused on these topics:

  • Garden Purpose and Activities

  • Vision and Design

  • Design Review


Garden designs were completed in summer 2018.


The hope was to establish the gardens in fall 2018, but wet weather and busy schedules set back this plan. Establishment for Chadek and Creekside is underway during the spring and fall of 2020.

Renting an Iowa City community garden plot is a great way to get outside, meet your neighbors and grow your own food!

1920 Friendship St.

View the Design

The existing community gardens will be enhanced with raised beds, vertical elements and gathering areas. Just as many plots, with lots more beauty and comfort.

Chadek Green Park

1858 7th Avenue Court

View the Design

The entire park is being reworked in the context of a master plan so now is a good time to establish community gardens. Veggie plots and a small orchard are part of the plan.

Creekside Park

Adjacent to 2522 Walden Dr.

View the Design

This open space is divided into upper and lower areas. The grassy land has been patiently waiting for years to have fun, community gatherings and harvest celebrations.

Walden Green Park

This project would not be possible without sponsors and supporters. Please frequent these generous organizations to thank them for donations of materials and funds.

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Special thanks to the Creekside Gardeners and the Creekside Neighborhood association. Their generous time and energy laid the groundwork for the Creekside gardening project.

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