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Eco-Garden Bed

We will help you design a beautiful bed that attracts desired wildlife, manages rainwater, and/or grows large amounts of food.


  • Grow larger amounts of food with less maintenance than conventional gardens. Food can include vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts and berries.

  • Attract and support preferred birds, butterflies, pollinators or other wildlife.

  • Implement a bed efficiently and correctly so you can enjoy its benefits rather than having to recreate it again later.

  • Increase the beauty and value of unused or unsightly areas.


We will visit your landscape two times: once to gather information and a second time to review and refine the design.

Initial Visit

  1. An ecological designer visits you at your landscape for approximately 90 minutes.

  2. During the first half of the consultation, we walk your landscape with you, listening carefully to your goals, vision, ideas and budget.

  3. A rough layout of the garden bed is brainstormed based upon your preferences and the characteristics of the landscape.

  4. Potential plant species and their characteristics will be discussed to help you understand how each plant could benefit you and your garden.


Follow Up Visit

  • A design will be shared that defines exact sizes of the hardscape, pathways and plants. Perspective (3D) renderings help visualize and understand the design.

  • The bed will be laid out in the landscape making adjustments based upon your feedback.

  • The plant selections and placements will be reviewed so you fully understand the rationale behind the design.

  • An establishment plan is provided along with general ideas for labor and materials.



  • Measurements are taken for a detailed base map.

  • Specific plant varieties and seed mixes are researched and selected based upon your goals and landscape characteristics.

  • Plants are researched and placed to create harmonious, beautiful and self-supporting groupings.



The area is limited to approximately 150 square feet. Estimates can be provided for larger areas.

What You Receive

After the consultation, an electronic (PDF) document will be provided that includes...

  • Bed plan detailing exact locations of overstory and understory plant species along with pathway, edging and surfacing recommendations that stay within your budget.

  • Hardscape and layout plan showing exact measurements of all elements.

  • Researched plant lists and seed mixes for pollinator habitat, ever-blooming gardens, high food yields, shade trees and visual screens.

  • Establishment plan.

  • Management and establishment ideas based upon your budget, gardening expertise, available time.

  • List of deer-resistant plants.

  • Local and online sources for plants, seeds and materials.

  • Tool recommendations.

  • Relevant publications.

Contact us with questions or to arrange a visit.

Example Bed Design

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