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Abundance of Ideas

Are you unsure of where to begin with enhancements to your landscape?


Get an overall direction, general plant recommendations and care advice, and creative ideas for expanding existing beds and creating outdoor rooms.


  • Learn creative ways to make your landscape more inviting, beautiful and environmentally-healthy.

  • Discover ideas to reduce maintenance chores.

  • Understand growth habits of existing and new plants.

  • Identify unknown plants and the best ways to help them thrive.


  1. An ecological designer visits you at your landscape for approximately 90 minutes.

  2. During the first half of the consultation, we walk your landscape with you, listening carefully to your goals, vision, ideas and budget.

  3. After thoroughly understanding your desires and questions, recommendations and ideas are provided for overall landscape design, bed expansion, upkeep of existing plants, new plants, and any other gardening topic of interest.

Example of Ideas

Example of Specific Design Ideas



$190 for over 1/3 acre (approximately 100' x 150').

What You Receive

After the consultation, an electronic (PDF) document will be provided that includes...

  • Recommended plants and features specific to your landscape, budget and goals.

  • Design, management and establishment ideas based upon your gardening expertise and available time.

  • Inexpensive pathway, edging and surfacing ideas.

  • Lists of researched plants for pollinator habitat, ever-blooming gardens, high food yields, shade trees and visual screens.

  • List of deer-resistant plants.

  • Local and online sources for plants, seeds and materials.

  • Tool recommendations.

  • Relevant publications.

Contact us with questions or to arrange a visit.

Remote Consultation

If you live outside the Iowa City area, a remote consultation may be desired to avoid additional travel fees.


Pictures of your landscape from many angles would need to be provided. A narrated walk-through video would be an even better way to give us a virtual experience. Pictures and video can be uploaded to a file sharing service of your choice.


After receiving the pictures and video, we will schedule a time for a 90-minute phone conversation to learn more and provide ideas.


Within 6 months of the visit, you can upgrade to a Concept Design or Complete Master Plan and the cost of this consultation will be credited toward these comprehensive services.

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