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Group Visioning

A visioning event invites a group of people together to brainstorm ideas for a shared landscape, encouraging creative thinking, addressing prickly issues in positive ways, and establishing a common vision.


The event typically lasts around 2 hours and is organized by experienced meeting facilitators.


  • Establish a common vision that defines characteristics the landscape and activities that will happen in those areas.

  • Understand the process and steps required to create a detailed master plan and implementation schedule.

  • Understand how the activities of people, animals, and insects can play a role in managing the landscape.


Before the visioning event, it is important to get a high-level understanding of the event’s purpose, desired outcomes, and goals of the participants.

Initial Visit

  • We will walk the landscape to get an understanding of its major features, potential and challenges.

  • During the visit, we will discuss how people might use the area and who will be invited to the visioning event.

  • Any contentious issues will be noted for discussion.



  • Shortly after the visit, a proposal and cost estimate are provided describing how to facilitate the brainstorming session.

  • The proposal is refined until the process and desired outcomes are agreed upon.



  • The event begins with by describing the purpose of the event and the ground rules.

  • Information about ecological landscape design is shared along with inspiring images of the possibilities for the area.

  • Two or more small groups are then formed to brainstorm and articulate ideas. Each group has a specific focus or the participants have common characteristics.

  • Everyone reconvenes and each group summarizes their results for further discussion.


  • After the visioning session, the Master Plan process is followed to create concept designs, a preliminary design, planting plans and plant lists.

  • Plans are reviewed with the group and their feedback is used to refine the designs.

Landscape Design Group Facilitation
Landscape Design Visioning
Visioning-Poor Farm Review.jpg


$600 - $5,000

The price depends upon the size of the landscape, number of participants and desired level of summarization after the gathering.

What You Receive

An electronic (PDF) document will be provided that includes...

  • Thorough assessment of your landscape identifying major features, travel patterns, water flows and sunlight exposure.

  • Documented results of the visioning session.

  • 2-3 concept designs and a final concept design.

  • Preliminary design and perspective (3D) renderings showing outdoor rooms, bed locations, major features and major plants.

  • Master plan detailing exact locations of overstory and understory plant species along with pathway, edging and surfacing recommendations that stay within your budget.

  • Hardscape and layout plan showing exact measurements of all elements.

  • Researched plant lists and seed mixes for pollinator habitat, ever-blooming gardens, high food yields, shade trees and visual screens.

  • Establishment plan for each season over multiple years.

  • Management and establishment ideas based upon your budget, gardening expertise, available time.

  • List of deer-resistant plants.

  • Local and online sources for plants, seeds and materials.

  • Tool recommendations.

  • Relevant publications.

Contact us with questions or to arrange a visit.

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