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Forest Bathing

Treat yourself to a mindful walk in the woods.

Do you need more than a short vacation from the bustle of fast-paced life? The constant daily flurry may cause you to forget how to slow down, enjoy precious moments, and quiet your running mind.


Forest bathing is a restorative, joyful practice that is scientifically proven to enhance wellness, reduce stress, improve concentration, boost your immune system, sharpen senses and deepen your relationship with nature. It will help you remember how to view, with child-like wonder, the beauty of each moment.

Enjoy wild spaces while walking along trails in a slow, relaxed way that helps you learn to still your mind and enjoy the present moment.


Classes focus on one or more topics, intermixing playful, exploratory activities during a delightful stroll. Lessons about plants, birds, insects and the ecological health of natural environments are woven into each walk.

You should be comfortable walking on uneven terrain. Dress appropriately for the weather and for sitting in the woods. Small sitting mats will be provided. Please bring items for your comfort: water bottle, insect repellent, hat, long pants, walking stick, full-length mat or portable chair. If desired, bring materials for sketching or writing. We recommend walking without electronic devices.


Tailored Classes

Does your organization have a specific interest in nature or are you seeking a relaxing team-building activity?


We will happily tailor classes to focus on one or more topics at desired times and locations. Classes typically last 2-4 hours with 8-20 people.


A tailored class ranges from $100 to $500, depending on the duration, location and number of participants

Possible Topics

Mindfulness: Practice top mindfulness activities that can help you be more present.

The Six Senses: Cultivate presence and deepen your appreciation of the forest by engaging all your senses.


Foraging Wild Edibles: Identify and munch berries and greens while learning top tips for preparing your forest bounty.


Animal Moves: Playfully move like a bear, fox, bunny and other animals to enjoy the forest through their eyes.


Plant Connection: Sit with a plant and open all your senses to discover messages it may provide.


Art and Creativity: Inspire and grow your creativity by building tiny structures, writing or drawing.


Dreams and Journeys: Meditate in the woods with a specific intention and listen to guidance from the land.

Contact us to discuss details and coordinate registration.

Your Guide
Walks are guided by Fred Meyer, master gardener, master conservationist, master woodland manager and permaculture designer at Backyard Abundance.

Upcoming Events


June 6:  Walking in Mindfulness

Starrs Cave Park Rd,

Burlington, IA

Aug 19:  Wholeness and Healing in the Prairie

FW Kent County Park,

Oxford, IA

Oct 15:  Wholeness and Healing in the Prairie

Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat,

Wheatland, IA


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